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Each member of Incredible Publishing is fully responsible for creating their own biography using only twenty words including their name.   



Ava is loyal, kind, fun and smart, she loves to sing and has a big heart. She also loves art!



Kiana loves her family, friends and her husky puppies - Spex and Pixie. She enjoys playing outside, writing books and drawing.  



Aliya is kind, sweet and funny. She loves horses and making people laugh. She has fun playing with her cousins.



Juliet has been recruited by Ava & Kiana, along with Incredible Publishing for once again another epic journey in book building! 


Pops is a super simple New England Native Warrior. He carries around a flip phone and loves to have fun!

Our Journey

Dating back to 2017 is when my passion for writing grew wings and took off like a FREE BIRD. David Alfred George is my name and I was born as a New England native, fascinated with Robert Frost as a young child. I’m the father of two amazing young ladies, Ava Dorothy & Kiana Autumn. Writing children’s picture books has always been a project I dreamed of completing. 


True to say, my daughters inspired me to take a dream of mine and turn it into a masterpiece! 


For me, most answers always happen up in a tree. I spent a majority of my youth around a one-of-a-kind Lumberjack who taught me the art of climbing trees and the trees taught me how to search for the roots of oneself. He seemed to speak in rhymes and riddles with a loud contagious laugh after his many words of wisdom. I had the privilege of driving around in a big old green dump truck that smelled like wood chips, passing north and south by Robert Frosts’ old farm home in New Hampshire. Ricky Roy was the man behind the wheel and said to me one day as we rolled past Old Frosts’ Farm, “How great would that be, live in an old farm home, take care of your property and write about how you see the world.”

Years down the road I ended up in a mighty oak, in the year of 2017. I told my cousin Jared, owner of Clear Grain Tree Service, that I was finishing up my first manuscript for a children’s picture book, as I was spiked through the bark of an oak tree. He asked, “What is happening for the illustrations?" I was not sure. He mentioned, “Why don’t you do them?” I thought a lot about doing that, also thought about having my girls do them. He didn’t even skip a beat about encouraging the children to be involved with the project. 


After speaking with another cousin of mine, Melissa, her and I also had a conversation about Ava and Kiana creating the art work. Melissa envisioned the book to have bright vibrant colors. Oil pastels became the number one tool for Incredible Publishing in book building. 


There are strict rules during the six month process for each manuscript.


  • No more than 300 words. 

  • No less than 250. 


Three words to avoid using: 


  1. Just

  2. Very 

  3. Should  

  • One page is dedicated to a United States President​

This kind of book building model is a spin off from the Mixed Martial Arts industry. The craft of match making molded the foundation each book is built on. 


Thriving to learn and expand ones spectrum had hit new levels in the year of 2005. Taking on some of the most intense experiments I have yet to encounter. It was pure adrenaline, understanding what it meant to be tuned in 100% in the present moment was what this sport offered. It became another place of peace where I believe inner questions find answers. Fighting fueled the desire to self improve and polish up intuitiveness! I had such a passion for organized hand to hand combat I proudly owned and operated what is known as the longest running cage fighting promotion in New England - Combat Zone MMA. 


Match making started with a blank page, numbered one through fifteen. Next was writing in possible competitors, using highlighters to organize matchups that I had rallied on. The fun was taking the finished list and moving them  around based on how I felt until the fight card was complete.  


Structuring each manuscript once again strarted with a blank page numbered one through fifteen. Colored highlights still organize my work, words and sentences come and go throughout the course of six months. My work becomes a puzzle that doesn’t stop moving around until I feel it’s complete.


My career in writing was established in 2012. I ended up putting myself into a state of mind that allowed me to gather my years and thoughts in unique unorthodox style. When the calendar year turned into 2013, I drove to the local shopping mall, walked into the apple store for my first time and purchased a MAC BOOK PRO. The sales person asked me what it was going to be used for. “I’m going to write a book!” I paid and walked out the Apple entrance and it took me on a mind-blowing 4 year journey.


In 2016 a personal project was finished and it was time to capitalize on fun like never before! 


The first book was started in early 2017, with a subtitle, Work or Play Make the Best of Your Day!  A story about being born, growing up and following your heart. My first born Ava Dorothy was in the 4th grade and my second born Kiana Autumn was in 1st grade. I was super stoked that Ava was in the middle of learning spelling and grammar. She was writing in both lower case and capital letters. Kiana was in her beginning stages of penmanship, she was writing in all capital letters. 


Up next was to figure out what kind of illustrations young children could draw that would compliment the words on each page. Once we all agreed on a drawing we usually created 6 to 10 rough drafts before the final made the book. Lots of experiments happened with different colored oil pastels, techniques like, blending, smoothing, smudging, etc were all applied during this process. The music was usually cranked up and our dining room had become an art studio. After the completion of the manuscript, the art process itself took a little over 6 months.


Ava and Kiana, along with Incredible Publishing decided to bring their cousin Aliya Grace on as a writer and illustrator for our next journey in book building. In 2018 our second book was started with a subtitle: Penny In the Pig! A book about money and some fun ways currency can be viewed. We also gathered up some helpful tools to build out our second book. We used an old pencil compass that we found in our old barn, a plastic pen cap for scraping and shaping, a ruler from our home that has the previous homeowners’ name printed on it, #2 pencils, clean white paper for rough drafts, controlling smudge marks and coloring long straight lines. Tape, erasers, scissors and metal coins were used as well. 


Something I really cherish was how the children have evolved over the course of one year. Ava was now in the 5th grade with Kiana and Aliya in 2nd grade. Kiana had been taking art lessons at a local church. Ava was improving her English skills and Aliya had some natural talent ready to shine. The three artists were wiser and more experienced in a world of creating and having fun! 


Climbing, fighting and writing are the three core aspects in my life has taught me to have fun, try hard and think outside the box. Today I live in an old farm home, take care of my property and write about how I see the world.



      In two words I can sum up our entire journey...




Thank you, I hope you enjoy reading and viewing our work of art someday.



David A. George - Pops 

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